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Make Crimson your first choice for cutting edge  document scanning, microfiche scanning, and data capture, as well software solutions that open up access to information on premise or via Cloud Document Management.

Our comprehensive document scanning facilities provide fast, efficient and affordable solutions for a wide range of document archiving and business process applications - enabling you to reduce your reliance on physical storage and paper flows around the organisation, and implementing far more accessible digital alternatives.

Having invested in the latest scanning technology and software we offer our clients unrivalled levels of speed and service - able to capture all types of mixed media records, including microfilm scanning, bound books, historical and fragile documents, plus all commercial sizes of paper. We're currently the only company in the UK to invest in the latest range of Wicks and Wilson microfiche and microfilm scanners, offering even greater levels of flexibility to clients across the country.

Within the document scanning sector, Crimson delivers complete solutions either as onsite scanning, or outsourced as a managed service. We are able to capture and process your business critical documents (purchase invoices) or scan your archive paperwork into a document management solution that allows you to collate and share information across multiple sites quickly and efficiently. Ensuring accurate communication of information across all departments of any business is paramount. We offer solutions that improve efficiency in both an external and internal capacity.

Crimson's sophisticated data capture software can make forms processing faster and more accurate than you thought possible - taking typed, handwritten text or mobile data from both structured and unstructured forms, with validation and verification performed to maximise integrity.

If you need improvements to your paper-based information flows or high-volume scanning, talk to Crimson. We offer fast, efficient and secure document scanning for businesses and heritage scanning services for museums, libraries and charities, ensuring client confidentiality and compliant data security as standard. We operate multiple sites, with clients the length and breadth of the UK and our teams of technicians are ready to deliver the highest standards of document, bound book and microfilm scanning.

Find out what Crimson document management services can do for your organisation - get in touch today and we'll be happy to discuss our range of services and solutions with you.

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